English Teddy Bear Goldendoodles


Britannia Farms specializes in breeding the most healthy and beautiful English “Teddy Bear” Goldendoodles.

A Goldendoodle gets it’s name from it’s parents – Golden Retriever and Poodle. Number 4 and number 8 respectively on the AKC most popular breeds in America list.

First bred deliberately in North America in the mid 1990’s. Known for their non to light shedding “allergy friendly” coats, allowing them to become companions to the ever increasing population that suffers from these allergies.

Goldendoodles are a wonderful combination of the best of two well-loved breeds, and are a very popular breed in homes across the country and the world.

Life expectancy is 13-15 years and they will require a moderate amount of exercise. They are very loving dogs and need to spend some time with their families, enjoying being involved in family activities and outings.

Here at Britannia farms we breed only English “TeddyBear” Goldendoodles.

*Please note first generation (F1) dogs do not always have consistent coats and cannot be guaranteed. They are generally little to no shedding. Puppy coat may vary from adult coat which comes in after a few months. Coats are not considered ‘Hypoallergenic’

English Golden Retrievers crossed with a white Standard Poodle. This combination particularly produces the “Teddy Bear” looking Goldendoodle that has a beautiful blocky looking head, with a lighter cream coat, and the black pigment from both parents show up as very dark eyes, lined in black, black noses and long blonde eyelashes. This is what makes the “Teddy Bear” look. The other half of the story of these special “Teddy Bears” is the calm and mellow temperament that is evident even from birth.


7 week old Goldendoodle puppy

7 week old Goldendoodle puppy




One of our beautiful "Teddy bears".

One of our beautiful “Teddy bears”.


6 week old Goldendoodle puppy

6 week old Goldendoodle puppy














"Cali" one of our T"eddy bears"

“Cali” one of our “Teddy bears















Photo by Karen Hoglund photography www.karenhoglundphotography.com








Byron (Daisy x Indy)

Byron (Daisy x Indy)


















As a ‘hybrid’ breed, Goldendoodles are generally healthier and live longer than either parent. This is because they are only prone to diseases shared by BOTH parents. Suggested tests for breeding stock would be:

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia (OFA – Orthopedic Foundation for Animals)
  • Cardiac Clearance OFA
  • Eye testing by Canine Eye Registration Foundation VMDB or OFA

What is Hybrid Vigor?

You will sometimes hear the term “Hybrid Vigor” when refering to a Goldendoodle.

This is a phenomenon in animal breeding that refers to the offspring from a first cross (First Generation – F1) between two unrelated breeds. This results in a healthier dog than either parent.

With each successive generation, vigor is decreased. This is why here at Britannia Farms we breed only first generation, (F1) Goldendoodles.

Goldendoodles hybrid vigor

  • F1 – First generation cross of Golden Retriever and Poodle (50/50)
  • F1b – Backcross. This is an F1 pup being bred back to one of the original parent breeds. (25/75)
  • F2 – Second generation. Result of an F1 Crossed with an F1. This produces a genetically varied result, and hybrid vigor is decreased. (50/50)

You can expect a variation of coats from puppy to puppy. Color will range from ultra cream to a toasted marshmallow color. The coat will be ‘fluffy’ during puppyhood until the adult coat develops at around a year of age. Texture of coats can also vary, commonly flat waves to soft curls. The curlier the coat, generally the less shedding.

Our Poodles



Here at Britannia Farm’s we have Four white standard poodles and one black. Our four white ladies – Zeva, Willow, Daisy May and Sadie and our black, Ruby. Poodles are said to originate in Germany, where they are known as “Pudels”. In English, this means ‘Puddle’, named probably for their love of and abilities in water.

Poodles are very active, intelligent, easy to train and have a natural gift for hunting and retrieving. Beautifully proportioned with a square build, tall and lean with an elegant and regal carriage.

Poodle coats are a single layer of dense curly fur which sheds minimally, and is considered to be “Hypo-allergenic”.

These attributes in both appearance and personality compliment perfectly as partners with our English Golden Retrievers to make our English “Teddy Bear” Goldendoodles.